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CAMBRIDGE IGCSE – everything you need to know about the qualification that will shape your future…


RESOURCE CENTRE – past papers and mark schemes, examiner reports, specimen papers, learner guides, syllabuses, textbooks, CD-ROM/DVDs, websites

EXAMS AND RESULTS -What To Expect on The Exam Day

THE STUDENT ROOM FORUM – Ask questions, discuss subjects, personalised study plans & much more

PAST PAPERS FROM 2003 ONWARDS – Make sure to download as many PP as you can in case the site is not accessible.

GENERAL REVISION WEBSITES (detailed summaries, quizzes, interactive games, videos):

BBC Bitesize supports GCSE (British National Curriculum) courses but almost perfectly matches with what you are studying in IGCSE. BBC bitesize was one of my primary sources when studying. 😉

Other resources


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Let me know if you know other revision websites and study resources for me to add! Also, feedback on this website is more than welcome! Thank you! 🙂